2020 ACCP Webinar April | Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations-On Demand

ACCP 2020 Webinar - Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations - On Demand

Live webinar: April 21, 2020  

On-demand webinar recording:  April 21, 2020 to April 21, 2023

Why is this article important to your practice? 

Scientific discourse is driven by the active dissemination of research and knowledge at all stages of a career. One of the most common ways to communicate scientific findings is to present them at meetings, among peers or to the wider community and to discuss the findings to advance both one’s personal understanding and that of the audience.  Preparing a clear message to convey the findings of research, placing them in context without overwhelming the audience and providing a confident conclusion that helps to drive scientific innovation are components of a good presentation. This webinar combines tips & tricks on how to create and format a presentation to provide a consistent message and flow, as well as build on existing skills to further engage and drive the audience to get the message across. A successful presentation is an essential driver for scientific success, networking and a career in all areas of clinical pharmacology.

Target Audience: 

Inter-professional team of Physicians, Pharmacists, PhDs, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Students.

Learning Objectives: 

After completing this activity, the learner will be able to:

  1. State the importance of clear and legible slides as part of a good oral presentation;
  2. Structure slide presentations in a logical and clear manner, in order to tell the scientific “story”;
  3. Use titles, figures and tables appropriately in slide presentations;
  4. Engage and develop good presentation skills and behaviors.

To receive credit, learners must attend the complete live webinar or view the complete on-demand webinar; complete a post-course assessment and evaluation.

Dionna Green, MD, FCP

Deputy Director, Office of Pediatric Therapeutics, US Food & Drug Administration

Amit Pai, PharmD, FCP

Professor and Chair

Dr. Pai’s is Professor and Chair of Clinical Pharmacy at the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy with a research focus in optimal drug dose selection in underrepresented specific populations. He earned his Pharm.D. from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, Texas. He completed a pharmacy practice residency at Bassett Healthcare in Cooperstown, New York, and an Infectious Diseases fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Pai has authored over 100 publications and is co-editor of a textbook on Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases. He has received regulatory science and society awards related to drug dosing and estimation of kidney function in obesity.

John D. Davis PhD, FCP, MRPharmS (Moderator)

Executive Director & Head, Clinical Pharmacology, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

Jonathan Constance, PhD (Moderator)

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Jonathan Constance is an Assistant Professor in the Div of Clinical Pharmacology within the Dept of Pediatrics at the Univ of Utah School of Medicine. Dr. Constance’s research seeks to better understand patient-level factors, such as genetics, stage of development, pathophysiologic states and polypharmacy that influence drug efficacy and risk in neonatal and pediatric populations.


Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations ON DEMAND
Open to view video.
Open to view video.
Self Assessment: ACCP 2020 Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations ON DEMAND
4 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  0/4 points to pass
4 Questions  |  1 attempt  |  0/4 points to pass
Evaluation: ACCP 2020 Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations ON DEMAND
15 Questions
Certificate - Tips and Tricks for Effective Presentations
Up to 1.00 medical credits available  |  Certificate available
Up to 1.00 medical credits available  |  Certificate available